C for clueless in K for Karachi

This blog is an attempt to to make sense of all things wedding in Karachi. It explains in details the trials and tribulations folks living in Karachi have to face to arrange a wedding. ;)

It is also an attempt to document my struggles as a wife who rarely cooked before and is slowly learning the ropes of cooking and managing the house and relations , as well as a 9 to 5 job post marriage.

Feel free to write to me at khiweddings@gmail.com if you are ‘to be” bride or groom in Karachi who needs advice. If you are a vendor of anything and everything wedding related in Karachi, you can write to me as well for reviews, promotions or coverage on my little blog.

If you have been a groom or bride recently or sometime in the past and want to share your event and reminscence a bit with us, feel free to dop an email too.

It will be my pleasure.

Hope you have fun reading this blog. xox


ps. If you want to subscribe to my blog i.e. get updates directly delivered to your inbox, please submit your email address in the “Follow Blog via Email” button found to the left as well as the bottom of this blog. Happy reading. :)


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