My requirement for wedding shoes was quite simple. I wanted:

  • some thing elegant.
  • something i could wear again.
  • comfortable
  • definitely should not blow my wallet. I’d rather give that amount in charity; and
  • something that every bride on planet earth is NOT wearing.

I went to one outlet , chose the shoe i wanted and i was out. Must have taken twenty mins or less.

So who did i go to? The ah-mazing Samia and Azmay Shahzada. I love my shoes. Seriously.

Although, i don’t have my own wedding picture to share ( i was camera shy that day :( ) , but i picked some nice shots of the heels from their website.


Lurve at first sight. Thank you Samia & Azmay.




6 thoughts on “MY WEDDING SHOES

  1. I thought I could wear my wedding shoes again. I went back home after a year of being married and found that my wedding shoes don’t fir me anymore! They’re like a size smaller! I have no idea how that happened.

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