Kindness to Wives- An advice by my Mom to Grooms to Be.

Kindness to Wives

“Allah has given a man superiority over a woman to protect her, to be gentle to her and to be her companion and her mentor. This superiority has not been given to mistreat a woman and demand her submission even when the man is wrong or where even if the man is not wrong, the woman has a different point of view. The superiority does not mean that only the woman’s imperfections appear as neon signs to a man. Just as the punctuation in the Arabic language, the zer, zabar, pesh have been given different levels i.e. one is above, one is below etc. and each have been used to give an alphabet and a Quranic word a whole meaning, similarly, a woman’s imperfections should be seen alongwith the good things about her, which appear lesser in value to a man because of the things he chooses to see and things he does not. Similarly a woman should also not make the man’s perfections as the highlights to her journey. These imperfections and perfections make a human beautiful. Each individual should remember that the other person is a human being created with as much love as was undertaken to create another human.”- Mom. <3


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