First Eid-ul-Adha as a Wife

So this was a Eid of many firsts for me. First time, i made Eid breakfast which was basically chicken chowmein and shahi tukrey ( fried bread and sweetned milk dessert). It was the first time i sorted out meat with my husband and made shares that we would distribute  ( as opposed to me helping my mother). It was the first time i made chicken pulao (pilaf) and beef dhuan dahi ( a smoked beef and yogurt dish). Another first was putting mehendi on my hand and feet myself with the help of my husband. So, this was a good Eid, 

Except, that we had six days off (including the weekend) which made me want to go the movies. It made me want to eat out in style. It made me want a holiday. It made me miss my mom and dad. It made me a little sad at the end. 

So yes, thank God for Monday. I am glad to be back to work. :)



3 thoughts on “First Eid-ul-Adha as a Wife

  1. I missed my mum and dad on my first eid too, but we kept in touch via phone. It’s different to what we’re used to but alhamdulillah, first eid of many inshallah :)

  2. Hi !
    Just stumbled upon your blog. Love reading your transition to being a housewife.
    I’m getting married in January, the butterflies in my stomach are just kicking in. So, reading about all that helps :)
    A happy follower from now on :)

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