Bridal Embroidery: Chatta Patti and Chatkian Patkian


I recently came across a very traditional form of embroidery known as Chattapatti which is a variation of the zardozi embroidery. Chattapatti embroidery is made up pieces of four or more colours of cloths stitched either diagonally or vertically embroidered with kamdani and sequins.  Different colours of cloth cut in small pieces basically have to be cut in similar geometric shapes and stitched and embroidered together.

Another variation of chattapatti embroidery is known as chaktian pattian, which comprises of small colourful and vibrant pieces of cloth stitched together in the shape of a diamond.

This form of embroidery flourished in Lucknow, India during the reign of the Nawabs of Awadh.

In Bridal dresses, these two forms of embroidery may be used while designing sleeves and are also stitched on the bottom part of lehengas, ghararas and dhaka pajamas. This is definitely a beautiful and traditional form of embroidery best suited for classic brides. However, given the hard work, dedication and skill that these form of embroidery require, it can cost A WHOLE LOT to get these made, except maybe if you know some one in India who may get it made at a comparatively cheaper price for you.

Here are some examples of the Chattapatti and Chatktian Patkian embroidery:


In Pakistan, one of the best known specialists of Chattapatti embroidery is Bunto Kazmi. However, other designers such as Umar Sayeed and Doctor Haroon are also known to make these. There are no guesses how pricey the bridal dress is going to be though. :) 

Did you wear Chatta Patti or Chatkian Patkian embroidery on your BIG DAY? Let me know. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights, titles or privileges to the pictures shared. These pictures had been publicly shared on various forums and websites and have been procured through obsessive googling.



Image by Faahema Ahmad Phorography


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