Thoughtful Gestures

Marriage i tell you is tough. There are times when you want to pull your hair. Cut the story short. Pack your bags. Run. There are times you are this close to unveiling the feminist, smart arsed, independent, sharp tongued woman you know you are capable of being. But guess what, you don’t? :) Because you are smarter than that. Because you choose to be wise. Because you love fiercely. because you are loyal. because you know in your gut that this shall pass. Because your mama told you that if you can control the little muscle between your teeth, life will be easier and happier. ;)

And because, one fine day when it is least expected, He will hand you a nice paper bag just before you set out for the day. Because when you open the bag as soon as you sit in the car ( ofcourse i couldn’t wait!) there were two freshly made sandwiches oozing with the goodness of cheese and egg. And the best part a little bun neatly sliced in three parts and then put together again with fig jam binding each.


<3 <3 <3



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