Wedding Photography: Dossani Plus


DossaniPlus is a relatively new name in Wedding Photography in Karachi. But despite being new, it is doing relatively well and is slowly establishing itself as one of the ” go to” photographers to cover your wedding.  Although, the Dossani Family has been in the photography business since decades, but Kashif Dossani, the second generation photographer in the family has breathed a new lease of life into the business.

I approached Kashif Dossani a few months ago and he kindly agreed to an online interview to be published in this blog space. I’ll let the interview do the rest of the talking. :)


1 – Tell us about Dossani Plus.

DossaniPlus is a boutique Canadian based studio led by myself. We brought a different style of photography in the Vancouver Wedding, glamour and corporate industry in Canada. Only in our first year of running, we met with great success, which allowed me to open a new location in my hometown Karachi, Pakistan.


2- Who are the photographers?

I am the key photographer. I graduated from a prestigious Canadian Photography school in Vancouver. Being among the top rank in my class for people photography, I have also been acknowledged as ‘one who creates from nothing’.

I am a second-generation photographer, while my family has been in the photography business since 1975. Photography is my passion and capturing those unguarded moments is my specialty. I feel that I am good at observing which enables me to capture treasured moments and display them into authenticated candid shots. My ability, experience and understanding gained opportunities to exhibit my work of art in select exhibitions across Canada.

My associate photographers assist me and also lead events.


 3 – What cities do you work in?

We travel across the globe. We have already covered weddings in Dubai, Canada and USA.

 4 –  Where is home for you?

My office is my first home and then my parents and Fiancée.


 5 – Did you go to school to study photography?

Yes, I graduated from a Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, which is the best in terms of Photography department.

6- How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a photographer since I was 16.

7 – What would you describe as your photography style?

Modern and Candid – I love freezing moments.

8 – How many weddings do you cover in any given year?

We cover approx 100 weddings.


9- What type of cameras do you shoot with and why? What accessories to the camera do you love?

I personally shoot with Nikon but my associate photographers have Nikon and Canon both. I love my tele-lens, which helps me capturing those unguarded moments.

10- If you had to choose one lens what would it be?

70-200 VRii is my favorite lens.



11. What are your most memorable moments with respect to the wedding photography experience?  

I am ecstatic when I get repeat clients.


12. What are your pet peeves during wedding photography?


13 – Any advice for to-be wed couples?  

No chewing gums during the portrait sessions and book only DossaniPlus. ;)


 14 -Why should a to-be bride and groom choose your services?  

DossaniPlus is a very easygoing studio. We work according to our client’s requirements and budget. Life is for living, so my team and I do what we love. Check out our stuff, look at our work. If we are right for you, you’ll know it. We look forward to capturing just a little piece of your life!

15. What are the wedding photography packages/ bundles that you offer? (prices need not be divulged)

Our packages start from 60K.


15 – What is the best way to contact you?

My cell number i.e. 0300 9204030. You can also write at Do visit our website for further information.




2 thoughts on “Wedding Photography: Dossani Plus

  1. I have seen his work in my cousin’s wedding and valima ceremony. He is indeed a great artist with perfection behind camera. I admire his work as I am also a photography enthusist.

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