Not my kind of week

Things are not looking good. Dazed after sitting through three hours in a car stuck in a crazy traffic jam yesterday with the sun directly shining on my head. Feeling nauseous and dead tired in the night and being unable to do ibadat as i would have liked to. Getting up to go to work in the morning and finding no electricity. Walking down to the car and almost slipping. Saved myself but found my foot covered in slick, wet mud. Getting to work and getting a call from husband telling me that i have taken his keys instead of mine. Not my day. Not my week. Not the right ride side of the bed. And i have a feeling that this may just be the beginning. I don’t want to feel sorry for myself but i know i want my mommy and daddy.


8 thoughts on “Not my kind of week

    • It is not Ramadan that is driving me up the wall. It’s just life. meh. You see, my optimism level is quite low at this point but hopefully tomorrow, everything will look brighter.

  1. Inshallah things will get better. Is it possible to go home for a few days after Eid to your mum and dad’s place to just have a breather and take stock? Sounds like you need a few days just to have some maa ka laad.

    • oh no. my hubby insists that he will miss me much. *sigh* Cute but not so cute. :(

      It’s just a phase. These problems of the city will not disappear overnight.I just need to learn to deal with these things.

      But yes i need both ammi and aboo ka laad.

      • I understand hubby may miss you, but sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. And sometimes a girl just needs her mum and dad. It doesn’t mean you’re running away from the problems because they will still be there when you come back, but I’m sure your hubby will understand if you want to take a few days to go home and just take stock inshallah.

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