Wife realizations

A wedding? What is it? To me, it is absolutely nothing. A moment gone. What is important is the marriage. :)

And the marriage is tricky. It takes a while to get to know each others habits and even more time to meet each other’s expectations. But once each spouse starts taking baby steps towards better understanding each other, life becomes simple. 

What i have truly figured out is that most of the times it is the wife who can easily resolve things or blow them out of proportion. There are usually two options- bring on the ego or suppress anger and make the hubby understand things with a lot of patience, love and CARE. 

A lot of times it is really not about you or the husband either- but about others. It is not personal. It is about the need to protect the wife or the husband from possible negative things that other people may say.

Sometimes, a bad moment is simply because you are being missed or he is being missed.

Yet, honesty is the KEY. Honesty in your dealings. Honesty in the relationship. Honesty in your efforts. If either one of you are being dishonest to each other or about each each other to any third party, then that is asking for trouble. That is not the right approach.

With commitment, patience, understanding and a lot of compromise, marriage is contentment. But if you view things with a shade of ego and right vs. wrong, things may get difficult.




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