Mr. and Mrs. Atif Aslam’s Wedding, Valima and Musical Evening


After blogging about Mr. Aslam’s mehendi, it was only natural that i set out on a quest to get the pictures of his wedding and post wedding events.

Mrs. Atif Aslam ( Sarah Bharwana) is looking the picture of a gorgeous and resplendent South Asian bride with her choice to wear the traditional red colour. Me thinks, it is Karma weaving its magic again but i can’t be sure. Her dress has beautiful embroidery on it but is not too heavily embellished. Again, i approve. :) She looks picture perfect if i may say, MashaAllah.


I note that she chose to wear minimal jewellery and steered clear from the jhoomar ( hair jewelry) and the nath (nose ring) something i did on my wedding as well.

Atif’s Sherwani looks very elegant as well. I note that the embroidery compliments the colour of the sherwani which gives it a more classic and polished look as opposed to those tacky ones the media promotes.

photo 2-001

atif aslam and sarah bharwana





Moving on to the valima. I can’t really make out much because of the low quality of the pictures but one thing is clear Mr. Aslam looks dapper and his wife looks brilliant as well with the side swept hair,  smoky eyes and  nude lips. The dress is once again a Karma creation.

 64736_237938916351286_504050858_n-001 63509_10152653287125134_912491569_n-001

 And finally the best part i.e. the wedding dinner. Pictures suggest that this was attended by a lot of celebrities and there was a mini concert/ musical evening afterwards. Ofcourse Atif took to the mike as well.

Atif is wearing a “‘suit and bow tie” again.  Perhaps he could have worn a different sort of  tuxedo or chose a different colour of bow tie for the wedding. But to each their own. :)

Mrs. Aslam is wearing a gorgous white gown with lace sleeves- surely inspired by Kate Middleton’s wedding dress .

Well, there you have it. All in all, it certainly looks like a wedding to remember. i hope the coming life of Mr. and Mrs. Aslam is as wonderful and happy as their wedding. InshaAllah. :)



atif aslam and sarah bharwana

the bride and groom


Ali Azmat, rocking the evening.


Rupinder and Qurram of Josh.


Meesha Shafi sings for the guests.



Crooning a tune for wifey <3


Atif with Qurram and Rupinder of Josh.

Iman Ali in a Madhuri/ Devdas inspired outfit.

Iman Ali in a Madhuri/ Devdas inspired outfit.

And here is a special treat, Atif

Aslam sings for his lovely wife here. 



7 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. Atif Aslam’s Wedding, Valima and Musical Evening

  1. I was hoping you’d blog again about his wedding. I went in search of pics but couldn’t find any. Mashallah she looks gorgeous in her dresses. Less is always more I think!

  2. Many many congratulations to the couple… Please kia main jaan sakta hun k Atif ne Sherwani kidar se banwayi hai ??? plez plez plez main apney liay banwana chahta hun.

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