Atif Aslam’s Mehendi


If you are a Pakistani and have no idea who Atif Aslam is, then you must be surely living under a rock. :)

He is “the” pop sensation of Pakistan who has been crooning music on both sides of the sub-continent. What i like about Mr.Aslam is that he has a very good boy image and it does seem that this is just not an image but a fact. Despite being famous and well by this time, wealthy, this guy seems to have no airs about himself. None of his music videos show him serenading women in an uncomfortable proximity. In all shows and videos that i have come across, he seems polite and humble.

That being said, reports state that he has known his wife for about seven years. This shows that he is a committed individual and i do like his choice. What a pretty girl, Sarah Bharwana is. MashaAllah. From what i hear she has a master’s degree from the Kinnaird College for Women in Lahore, is a sporty person and has been teaching for a while.

To me, they look made for each other and i wish them the best of happiness, love, companionship and peace and tranquillity in their marriage. Ameen.

Here are some pictures from their mehendi which took place at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club in Lahore. Irfan Ahson was their official photographer and those beautiful pictures have rightfully been kept private by the family.

I like what the groom and the bride are wearing save for that huge turban/paggar that Atif seems to have changed into for a dance performance or vice versa. The bling on the turban is well… strange. :) The bride is wearing  a  Karma creation, specifically a dress from their Gajra collection from Karma Red. 

Here are some pictures i managed to get from the internet.I claim no rights or privileges to these photographs. Heck! I wasn’t even there. :)

But surely, the treat does not stop here. I present to you Mr. Aslam dancing on his mehendi here. ;)





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