A wonderful blog i read about marriage. Hope you find it as meaningful as i did. :)

Love, InshAllah


Last year, while I was interning in New York City and commuting via public transit daily, I had an awkward moment on the subway. An older Muslim woman noticed my Palestinian-flag bracelet and spoke to me in Arabic, asking me my age, origins (French and Moroccan), my parents’ work and then mine.

When I told her that I was an intern, she said, “Wow, your husband let you travel from Europe for a three-month internship?”

I answered, “I’m not married, but, yes, my parents are confident enough to let me travel on my own.”

A few stops later, she ended the conversation by telling me that I should take off my hijab if I wanted to get married – especially given my advanced age of 26. She said this in the way an aunt, khalti, khanu or mama would say it: solemnly and with my best interest at heart.

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