Wedding Photography in Karachi: Sitwat & Insiya


” Two girls. Two cameras. Lots of love. ” – Sitwat & Insiya


To be honest, these two girls are just genius at work. A quick look at their Face Book Page  reveals tons of images that capture your heart and make you quickly appreciate and respect what they have to offer in terms of wedding photography.

They describe themselves as happy people, who like yo make other people happy. I like anyone who is happy to be honest. :)

The one reason that should make you decide on hiring their professional wedding services is their dedication to work.

According to the duo, “Your event is more important to us than it is to you. No, seriously.”


Here’s what they said about themselves on their face book page:

Sitwat and Insiya Photography was formed two years ago when two girls decided to defy the norms and venture into the world of wedding photography. Since then they have documented many stories, shared many memories and made many friends along the way. Now older and wiser they are venturing into new and exciting avenues.

So, if you have made your mind up, then rejoice because they are available for assignments across Pakistan / USA / Middle East / Worldwide.

Here is how you can reach them:

Facebook page: Sitwat & Insiya
Vimeo channel here
And here are the yummy pictures. :)
19453_269211703672_5956181_n 25837_396665478672_3935559_n 28087_401165143672_1552245_n 40306_434796913672_5588020_n 40306_434796918672_3270455_n 40306_434796928672_6740191_n 40306_434796933672_2715094_n 41147_434796983672_4456731_n 41247_434796743672_4832032_n 65746_10150624960093673_558152958_n 68606_10151286304083673_1896519340_n 166547_10151304156683673_631506501_n 168797_10150906427678673_1779446152_n 292793_10150306685073673_264243343_n 296050_10150337182873673_1676521593_n 299473_10150306785703673_2039076266_n 300793_10150306773193673_297454903_n 311540_10150308515423673_4637957_n 312739_10150306686633673_1234309394_n 313232_10150337183053673_915650587_n 408568_10151304153688673_1896219144_n 420794_10150622998098673_1567848618_n 420942_10150643042048673_2141456373_n487086_10151304153618673_471563804_n 533136_10150893602518673_1802226342_n 537275_10151286303808673_1873636583_n 551987_10151085319823673_922467551_n 560277_10150893603523673_1529164883_n 561821_10151175544953673_1947424830_n 601289_10151304156488673_1832373013_n 602980_10151283400433673_1867855347_n 735084_10151286304023673_675924310_n

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