The Nikah

Better days have come, AlHamdulilAllah. The main tip is to not be afraid of initiating reconciliation. There should be zero ego issues. :) AlHamdulilAllah! AlhamdulilAllah! AlHamdulilAllah!

It was our Nikah anniversary a few days back. Strange that barely two months have passed since our wedding (rukhsati) ceremony, but an entire year has passed since our Nikah. For those who are confused, a Nikah ceremony is when the bride and groom sign the marriage contract and agree on various terms and conditions of the marriage. The Nikah ceremoney is usually conducted by a Muslim scholar or cleric. Ruksati is when you finally decide to leave your parent’s home and start living with the groom and his family. It is not necessary that both events be separate. Thay can happen on the same day. It’s just that my situation was different. :)

I signed my marriage contract in a jhat pat ( fast track) fashion. The decision to go through this by both families was made three days before the actual ceremony. And two of those days were working days which means i was tied up in my 9 to 5 job as well.

In three days, we scrambled to get a caterer who would put a decent tent in my backyard, as well as serve good food. In three days, I had to pick a dress and get it stitched. In three days, we had to suddenly inform close family members. There was a lot of stress- a lot of pressure- a lot of everything. But it got done. There were perhaps fifty or less than fifty people who attended the ceremony and as far as I recall, the whole thing started at around Maghrib and ended well before eleven p.m.

The nikah itself took place in a near by mosque where the groom and the males were. Since the mosque is just a few paces from my mom’s house, i stayed at home.

Here are some pics from the Nikah ceremony. I will share details of how we celebrated the anniversary later. :)

Fii Aman Allah until then. <3




And i recently wore the same dress at a valima ceremony. This is how it looked without all the formality. :)



4 thoughts on “The Nikah

  1. Chat mangi pat bayia! Alhamdulillah when it’s meant to be Allah makes it so easy. Congratulations on 1 year anniversary!

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