M for marriage

Almost two months into our marriage, AlHamdulilAllah and let me say, it has not been perfect. :) By acknowledging this, let me hope that in all its imperfectness, perhaps our marriage is perfect in its own unique ways.

A lot of blogs i see online only talk about the happy things, the eat outs, the trips, the presents, the goodies, this and that and pictures and instagrams to document that.

Of course, that is all wonderfully sweet but then marriage is not just about that. In fact it is definitely sometimes far removed from all this. Sometimes, marriage is reality and adjustments and that is fine too.

What matters is that two people are willing to “work” on marriage and willing to forgive each other and adjust to each other’s different mindsets. :)

I suppose this is difficult for people who demand perfection and those who are willing to over look another person flaws in appreciation of their positive points. Time and patience though hopefully mends the situation for the better.

Let me admit that i am a flawed person and therefore i must drive the hubby mad. Love though is something that will help me remove those flaws and make the hubby more acceptable towards these flaws as well. This of course works vice versa too. :)

In the spirit of pictures though, let me share the picture of a day that started out on a very bad note for our marriage and ended something like this and then there was “silence”- literally from the time i pulled the covers over me to go to sleep to the time i woke up and packed a sandwich for the hubby and came to work.

Ah well, there have been better days AlHamdulilAllah and there will be better days, InshaAllah. :)



2 thoughts on “M for marriage

  1. Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless you with a happy, joyful marraige inshallah. Speaking as a single girl, thank god someone is speaking the truth! It’s taken a few hard knocks, but the goal is not that dream wedding. The goal is a beautiful marraige with a partner who is compataible and compassionate. Marraige is hard work and requires a hell of a lot of compromise before you get to the good stuff.

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