I would like to publicly acknowledge that post marriage instead of being more focused, i have become more lazy.
 I would like to slap myself on the face for my laziness but that is that. 
I am late to work EVERYDAY and it is not because i am unable to wake up on time. I do wake up. But i keep lying on the bed delaying the moment i have to get on my feet, iron my clothes and get going. 
Shame on me. I am just lucky i have a great boss, MashaAllah. But i should not take it for granted. :)
I have started cooking food as well. Not everyday but maybe twice a week i.e. on weekends. However, i just keep fretting how it would turn out. I made chicken karahi the day before yesterday and at some point, i felt that it had gotten too salty. I completely freaked out to the extent that i peeled a potato and added it to the gravy in hope that would help. I kept tasting and re-tasting and driving the Husband to the wall. In my defense, he never told me whether the gravy was salty or not. So i just let it be and finally turned out the stove, resigned to my fate. 
Anyway, so last night after work, i took out the Chicken Karahi from the fridge and heated it up ( side note: that sounds like bad English ). I nervously took out some bread , dipped a wee bit of the Karahi and finally tasted it and what do you know- IT WAS OK! IT WAS NOT SALTY AT ALL. :)
So here is a tip: If your curry gets too salty, peel a potato, cut in in half and add it into the gravy along with some water and let it simmer with the gravy until the potato gets soft. Voila, no extra salt. :)
I need to stop freaking out. :) I was so proud of myself as i watched my inlaws eat the moong/masoor daal and the chicken karahi i made.
But i am digressing. I need to get to get it together. I will get to work on time. I will iron our clothes the night before.I will make a proper breakfast as opposed to smearing some nutella or jam onto toasted bread slices.
I need to get it together.
*InshaAllah* :)

2 thoughts on “Lazy

  1. I tell myself to get it together all the time. It’s OK, you’re in a new situation and you’re still figuring things out! It’s OK to second guess yourself. Inshallah it will all work out. I have missed your posts though.

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