The to be Bride became a bride finally.



So i am married. AlHamdulilAllah.

There is lots and lots to update you folks about but it will take time.

I am slowly getting into the hang of a 9 to 5 job and a very long commute back home, as well as somehow managing to keep things at home in order. To be frank i don’t have much to do as my sweet mother in law does the cooking, but i need to keep the room and washroom clean and tidy and yes the laundry has to be sorted out too. Such trivial things that need commitment and planning. :p

Also, i just took a mini break and opened facebook and saw a friend’s rather sweet and emotional status update about their one month anniversary after the wedding? ( why would you call that an anniversary? )

You know what the problem or perhaps not the problem is – Me and hubby are not big on anniversaries and remembering dates at all. So yeah, it was somebody else’s status update that made me realise that it will be in a few days time, it will be a month since our wedding as well.

Look, i can’t do these monthiversaries ( yes, i made that up).  I have a memory of a gold fish and i like it that way, most of the times.

Everything is MashaAllah going great, so why complicate things? ;)

Maybe, i should use this monthiversary bit to have a nice date with hubby? <3

Until laters,

a bride thinking, so glad the wedding is over. *Yay* :)




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