M for marriage

Almost two months into our marriage, AlHamdulilAllah and let me say, it has not been perfect. :) By acknowledging this, let me hope that in all its imperfectness, perhaps our marriage is perfect in its own unique ways.

A lot of blogs i see online only talk about the happy things, the eat outs, the trips, the presents, the goodies, this and that and pictures and instagrams to document that.

Of course, that is all wonderfully sweet but then marriage is not just about that. In fact it is definitely sometimes far removed from all this. Sometimes, marriage is reality and adjustments and that is fine too.

What matters is that two people are willing to “work” on marriage and willing to forgive each other and adjust to each other’s different mindsets. :)

I suppose this is difficult for people who demand perfection and those who are willing to over look another person flaws in appreciation of their positive points. Time and patience though hopefully mends the situation for the better.

Let me admit that i am a flawed person and therefore i must drive the hubby mad. Love though is something that will help me remove those flaws and make the hubby more acceptable towards these flaws as well. This of course works vice versa too. :)

In the spirit of pictures though, let me share the picture of a day that started out on a very bad note for our marriage and ended something like this and then there was “silence”- literally from the time i pulled the covers over me to go to sleep to the time i woke up and packed a sandwich for the hubby and came to work.

Ah well, there have been better days AlHamdulilAllah and there will be better days, InshaAllah. :)




I would like to publicly acknowledge that post marriage instead of being more focused, i have become more lazy.
 I would like to slap myself on the face for my laziness but that is that. 
I am late to work EVERYDAY and it is not because i am unable to wake up on time. I do wake up. But i keep lying on the bed delaying the moment i have to get on my feet, iron my clothes and get going. 
Shame on me. I am just lucky i have a great boss, MashaAllah. But i should not take it for granted. :)
I have started cooking food as well. Not everyday but maybe twice a week i.e. on weekends. However, i just keep fretting how it would turn out. I made chicken karahi the day before yesterday and at some point, i felt that it had gotten too salty. I completely freaked out to the extent that i peeled a potato and added it to the gravy in hope that would help. I kept tasting and re-tasting and driving the Husband to the wall. In my defense, he never told me whether the gravy was salty or not. So i just let it be and finally turned out the stove, resigned to my fate. 
Anyway, so last night after work, i took out the Chicken Karahi from the fridge and heated it up ( side note: that sounds like bad English ). I nervously took out some bread , dipped a wee bit of the Karahi and finally tasted it and what do you know- IT WAS OK! IT WAS NOT SALTY AT ALL. :)
So here is a tip: If your curry gets too salty, peel a potato, cut in in half and add it into the gravy along with some water and let it simmer with the gravy until the potato gets soft. Voila, no extra salt. :)
I need to stop freaking out. :) I was so proud of myself as i watched my inlaws eat the moong/masoor daal and the chicken karahi i made.
But i am digressing. I need to get to get it together. I will get to work on time. I will iron our clothes the night before.I will make a proper breakfast as opposed to smearing some nutella or jam onto toasted bread slices.
I need to get it together.
*InshaAllah* :)

The to be Bride became a bride finally.



So i am married. AlHamdulilAllah.

There is lots and lots to update you folks about but it will take time.

I am slowly getting into the hang of a 9 to 5 job and a very long commute back home, as well as somehow managing to keep things at home in order. To be frank i don’t have much to do as my sweet mother in law does the cooking, but i need to keep the room and washroom clean and tidy and yes the laundry has to be sorted out too. Such trivial things that need commitment and planning. :p

Also, i just took a mini break and opened facebook and saw a friend’s rather sweet and emotional status update about their one month anniversary after the wedding? ( why would you call that an anniversary? )

You know what the problem or perhaps not the problem is – Me and hubby are not big on anniversaries and remembering dates at all. So yeah, it was somebody else’s status update that made me realise that it will be in a few days time, it will be a month since our wedding as well.

Look, i can’t do these monthiversaries ( yes, i made that up).  I have a memory of a gold fish and i like it that way, most of the times.

Everything is MashaAllah going great, so why complicate things? ;)

Maybe, i should use this monthiversary bit to have a nice date with hubby? <3

Until laters,

a bride thinking, so glad the wedding is over. *Yay* :)