My Sister’s Wedding- Part 1

Since i have posted some pictures from my Sister’s Dholki and her Mehendi, it would be in the natural scheme of things that i would put up her Wedding Pictures as well.

As i reminiscence about that day, i realise that i was probably more tired and nervous than my sister.  She took her sweet time to have a good lunch while i kept telling her to hurry up and ensure that she kept all the things she needed at the Salon.

Co-incidentally, the salon that was supposed to do her make-up was undergoing renovations, so we were to go instead to the proprietor’s house close to our home. 

My sister’s makeup was done by one of their make-up artists.  We were served tea, cookies and chips. All i remember is that it took a really long time to do the base on her skin and i was feeling super sleepy. Although the huge master bed was enticing but i was super shy and instead  curled up on the sofa and dosed off. 

We had arranged for the photographers to come to the house to take some shots of my sister getting make-up done and wearing her jewelry.  I think that is the only time i perhaps woke up and washed my face.

We then had to make this realllly important decision: Should we put the jhoomar or not? We finally decided not to put the jhoomar as my sister has a thin face and the dupatta was heavy and it seemed like there was too much on her. :)

My sister was finally ready and looked really beautiful. MashaAllah. It was then my turn to get my make-up done and i kept saying, “Please, i want very light base. I don’t want to look made up.” Silly me. 

To sum it up, a lot of people complimented the make-up done on my sister and myself. :)

The actual event was a whirlwind, with me going to and fro from the bridal room to the main hall and back. There were moments where i had to try very hard to not cry and stifle all those emotions – especially at the time of nikah and at the entrance of my sister into the hall.

The groom decided to arrive in a pretty horse carriage and to the sound of the dhol beat. His family members did a small bhangra mix ludi dance just when he got down from the carriage.

The bride’s entrance was basically a last minute idea. We had lots and lots of floating candles lying around so i decided to use them. My female cousins were the first ones to enter the hall with floating candles resting on their palms ( this turned out to not be  such a good idea later as the  shell of the candles started heated up). They were followed by mu brothers holding this Mashals. My sister the entered with ammi and aboo at her side, followed by myself. The wedding entrance song was “Rab Rakha” from the movie, ‘Love, Breakups, Zindagi.”

Dinner was served soon after and then the joota chupai ( hiding of shoes) rasm began which i HATE. I only agreed to be part of it since my cousins were insisting. However, i was standing way back and not being very active in the whole thing- unless where required i.e. Yes, this amount is acceptable. Let’s go!!! 

I have told my parents and my family that i don’t want this insane rasam ( my opinion only) on my wedding.

Rukhsati time as you all must have guessed is dreadful. I hugged my sister and then disappeared right at the end of the crowd where i tried to control my self and hate all these people taking my sister away. :P My mom tells me that i had three streams of black tears (kohl) flowing from my eyes.

Strangely as soon as my sister and her in-laws left, all the ladies from our sides took our shoes off ( heels) simultaneously and walked inside the hall. We even have a very funny picture as evidence ( which i will not share). :)

There were a few bitter sweet moments afterwards when i put food on my plate and started looking around to find my sister so i could sit with her. Ofcourse, she wasn’t there.

There was also this moment when my mom called out to Sister for something, only to realise that she said goodbye to us a few minutes back.




Annnnyway, before i start missing her even more, here are some pictures from the event.

Wearing Bangles

Aapi wearing her bangles.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready: Lash it up.

Aapi and Moi.

The decision: Jhoomar or no jhoomar.

The decision: Jhoomar or no jhoomar.

The Pretty Shoes

The Pretty Shoes

Helping the Bride wear her shoes. :)

Helping the Bride wear her shoes. :)

Ah, finally done. :)

Ah, finally done. :)

Looky the hands.

MashaAllah. She looked beautiful.

MashaAllah. She looked beautiful.
My favourite picture.

My favourite picture.

In case you are wondering:

The shoes are from: Samia & Azmay Shahzada

The Dress is from: Makkah Bridal, Rabi Centre ( Ground Floor)

The makeup is from: Fahim Burney’s Salon and Spa


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5 thoughts on “My Sister’s Wedding- Part 1

  1. Aww congrats – everything looks beautiful.
    I totally know how you feel – I spent a good chunk of the weekend crying because I was watching my wedding videos. My sister is getting married next year InshAllah and she’s moving sooo far away… I know we’re all going to miss her alot.

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