Ticking things off the list in my head

Oh well, not a lot of days to go to the wedding. Good news is that i am able to sleep in the night. 

A lot of things are being managed and done. I am ticking things off the checklist in my head. Maintaining a diary of sorts for things to do for the wedding would just make me insane and make others go crazy too. So, yeah i’m managing this wedding, free-style and it seems to be working. :)

I have seen my wedding dress ( love it) and my valima dress ( love it) , MashaAllah. Both of these dresses are in the final stages of being stitched.

What’s left to do is some bridal lingerie ( *face turns crimson*), bits and bobs and SHOES (that should be another post altogether). I have to chase up a few vendors but that’s doable. No fret.

Wedding cards have gone into printing. Both families decided to print the same cards for the events as opposed to having two separate sets of cards, which is cool by me; especially since i got to choose the colour, font and layout altogether. If you think it would be something unique, you would be surprised. It’s simple, elegant and minimalistic. That pretty much describes the taste of me and hubby- simple and elegant. Period.

I have booked mehendi application experts for my female family members. I am still unsure about the bridal mehendi (henna) but i will figure it out.  I just don’t want to spend Pakistani Rupees 7000/- on bridal mehendi. This is the standard rate being quoted by the top mehendi application experts in Karachi.

Pretty mehendi favours have also been delivered all the way from Multan. *Yippee* 

I am still contemplating whether i should order in wedding favours and a wedding cake, which is basically an extravagance and something we Asians have picked from western weddings.  But if i manage to find something in my budget, I’ll go with it ( Or NOT). We will see.

Will write later and until then stay happy and thankful for every small blessing in your life.

Lots of Love.



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