My Sister’s Dholki

As the time nears for all relatives to start coming in Karachi from other cities in Pakistan and other countries as well, i can’t help but recall the festivities that were happening in our house last year at the time my elder sister was getting married.

I recall endless dance practices, me, the Bride’s sister and the maid of honour being the most stubborn of all and forcing everyone to practice and practice again. ;)

We had this cute little dholki at our place a few weeks before the wedding. We got in some catering people to install wee fairy lights in the house and bring us a dholki and dafli, ordered some biryani from a local eatery, purchased some bangles, ordered some flower garlands, bought a  few floating candles for decoration purposes and we were set to go.

This was also the day i persuaded my sister to let me put some make-up on her and just as i was about to put in some eye-shadow on her eye-lids, i started crying. It just hit me that she was going to leave in a few days and i just couldn’t take it anymore.  My sister started laughing initially at my bawling face but then as expected, she cried too and then i really had to get my act together.


Here are some pictures from the event:


Cousins’ Hands

Family and cousins singing songs

Me in yellow trying to generate a beat. ;)

Dandiya for some hey jamalo. ;)

Arranged by Yours Truly.


Mithai ( Sweet meat? )


Fresh floral wrist candy.

Glass Bangles.

Decoration ( that’s cousin in the background).

Arrangement by Yours Truly.

Sister's Hands
Sister’s Hands


One thought on “My Sister’s Dholki

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