Sleepless in Karachi?

I have no idea if it is excitement, stress or something else- But i can’t sleep at night. I have never been an insomniac and never one of those who pull late nighters. Staying up late in the night is not my thing. The one time i stayed up the whole night for an exam, i fell sick the next day. If, ever i am up until 1 a.m in the night, i freak out.  If i don’t sleep, i can’t function the next day. Point is, I need my sleep.

However, since the past few days, i can’t. It isn’t even like i am stressing about the things pending delivery, the wedding itself or the after wedding life. It isn’t that i am super excited and doing hoola hoops. I am definitely not doing make-up, or packing stuff in suitcases ( that i really should), or dancing around. I am just lying in bed, reciting a tasbeeh in my heart and praying that i fall asleep.
My eyes hurt now.
There is a month and a half left anyway. Isn’t this too early to be sleepless?
I don’t like it.
Is this normal? Is lack of sleep the norm for “to be brides”? Do let me know. :) :/ :(
Any tips to induce sleep? *argh*

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