Wedding Shopping for Necessities? :)

The shopping extravaganza is not going so bad, considering that i only spend half a day every Saturday to do all pending errands. My mother has managed to convince me to buy bed sheets, pillow cases, duvets, cutlery, dinner sets, crockery and suitcases. All of these are lying on one end of my room in cartons.

To be honest, i don’t think i will be using the crockery or the cutlery once i start living my in-laws. They already have these things and there is this space issue, so i can just see myself stuffing some of these items in an Almira or a carton. With time, as and when i get acquainted to the new home and the lifestyle and preferences of my in-laws, i will figure out what to do with these things.

The furniture has been ordered. It is nothing LOUD. Everything is simple and minimalistic reflecting the preferences of my better half and myself.  I really wanted to buy some pretty and arty lamps for the bed site tables, but it seems that we don’t have space for any. Oh well! What can you do about these things. Live with them and move on. :)

My female cousins came over this weekend too. I think they expected that a lot of my clothes would have started to come in from the various shops, karigars and markets. Boy, were they wrong. I am still chasing after most of these people. A few clothes did come in and I graciously showed those to them. They loved what they saw and I love them for their love and support. Dillon key haal koi naheen janta (Nobody knows what is concealed in a heart) but what we can do is to keep our own hearts big and clear. That is what i keep learning from my mom everyday. Maintaining cordial and friendly relations with family and being ever forgiving as our religion recommends and our Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) guides us.

I was missing my sister a lot this weekend. She is married. It’s been just a year actually. But she just landed right at the door and surprised us all. She then put some music on and wow, she really set the mood. Next thing i know, my female cousins were preparing dances. I felt a bit shy though, which is a bit silly- not that anyone noticed.

So oh well, a month and a half to go. I don’t know if everything will be ready in time. I don’t know, if my bridal dress would blow me away (not literally). I still have tons to do,  but Cest la Vie.

Even if nothing goes my way, i hope, i so hope, that i will maintain my disposition, that i will shrug it off, that i will smile and wave. ;)

Have a good day everyone. :)


Where did i buy the crockery, cutlery, dinner set, duvet covers, suit cases  and electronic items  from?


Where did i buy the bed sheets from?

GLASS TOWER, off Clifton Bridge in Karachi.

Where did i order my furniture from?

A local carpenter i know is making a custom design for me. If you need his number, holler. I recommend him a hundred percent.


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