Losing Perspective


It is so easy to lose perspective while preparing for a wedding. All that talk about simplicity and keeping it “real” starts silently slipping away and you begin to wish for the moon.
It is so easy to caught up in the drama, to follow latest trends, having the perfect mehendi thaal, the impeccably rehearsed and executed dances, the unique entrance of the bride and groom, and well, the list goes on. What’s worse is that you don’t even realize it’s happening.
This afternoon i got consumed with such thoughts and what made it worse was “comparison”. Why can’t my mehendi be like that? Why can’t my events be arranged like that? Why can’t i have this elaborate and really pretty mehendi thaal? Can you believe it? How petty? Me, feeling glum over a mehendi thaal?
And then it dawned on me.
Are you the same person who did not even want a mehendi in the first place? And since you were only having a mehendi to honour your mom’s wishes, didn’t you want to keep things simple? What the guava are you going to do with a unique mehendi thaal? Are you for real comparing yourself with others? Really?
I could have slapped myself. How easy it was to get drunk in the glamour that surrounds weddings and how this glamour is time and again projected on sites of wedding photographers and event planners. 
How could i get sucked in the whirlpool of materials and the fashionably executed events? 
No. I will not let this happen. I will not lose perspective. Shame on me. 
* Exhale* 



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