My sister’s mehendi

So i have always loved dancing. Not that i am a great dancer, but dancing is fun isn’t it? Which brings me to the dhol dhamaka in mehendis. :)


My personal opinion is that mehendis should be solely a family event. There should be no outsider as such. Even when it comes to friends, they should be the closest ones. I am not too fond of strangers taking pictures, making videos on their cell phones and gawking at the girls dancing. 


That said, my sister’s mehendi ceremony last year was also a simple, strictly family event and lots of fun. The only hiccup that day was the mehendi application expert we had booked ditching us. Yep! The mehendi wali we had booked to put bridal mehendi on my sister’s hands and feet pulled a disappearing act on us.


After several frantic phone calls, thanks to a great school friend, I  booked another mehendi application expert literally last minute. But then because of the mehendi wali issue, the entire event was delayed and there was just no option but to try to dry the mehendi on my sister’s hand and feet by a hair dryer. That was something. 

You know how they say everything happens for the better. Well, it was for the better because the mehendi put on my sister’s hands and feet was just beautiful. MashaAllah. And once the event started, everything went smooth. My sister looked so pretty and radiant.  Infact everybody did. :)


We  danced to a medley of the following songs on my sister’s mehendi last year:


  1. Mehendi hai rachne wali – Zubeida
  2. Sasural Genda Phool (remix)- Delhi 6
  3. Gal mithi mithi bol (remix)- Delhi 6
  4. Ni nachle- Imran Khan
  5. Chamak Chalo- Ra One
  6. Aewayin Aewayin- Band Baja Baraat
  7. Aja Nachle- Aja Nachle
  8. Sadi Galli- Tannu weds Mannu
  9. I’ve got a feeling- Black Eye Peas
  10. Latthe di Chadar- Rajeshwari


Here are some pics from the event:


Sleepless in Karachi?

I have no idea if it is excitement, stress or something else- But i can’t sleep at night. I have never been an insomniac and never one of those who pull late nighters. Staying up late in the night is not my thing. The one time i stayed up the whole night for an exam, i fell sick the next day. If, ever i am up until 1 a.m in the night, i freak out.  If i don’t sleep, i can’t function the next day. Point is, I need my sleep.

However, since the past few days, i can’t. It isn’t even like i am stressing about the things pending delivery, the wedding itself or the after wedding life. It isn’t that i am super excited and doing hoola hoops. I am definitely not doing make-up, or packing stuff in suitcases ( that i really should), or dancing around. I am just lying in bed, reciting a tasbeeh in my heart and praying that i fall asleep.
My eyes hurt now.
There is a month and a half left anyway. Isn’t this too early to be sleepless?
I don’t like it.
Is this normal? Is lack of sleep the norm for “to be brides”? Do let me know. :) :/ :(
Any tips to induce sleep? *argh*

Wedding Photography in Karachi: Tariq AK


What does Mr.Tariq AK say about himself?

When people ask what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes, TariqAK Photography is here to make you look just that extra special!

When did he start taking photos in weddings?

 The year was 2010; that was about the time I got serious about photography. I have always liked to take photos, but I wouldn’t have considered my earlier photos to be noteworthy. I have tried other forms of art first, looking for a way to balance my job. For a while I have rendered computer generated images and it was a lot of fun, but I started to realize that I would never be able to compete on a professional level and it took too long to generate just one image.

I bought a DSLR and started to “snap” photos. Since then I have been on a wonderful journey exploring my creative side. Many successful shoots later that include fashion shows, portraits, concerts and not to forget the memorable engagements and weddings, i have my unique blend of style that is developed from a broad range of artistic and photographic experience.


What does he say about his style of photography?

Tariq AK photography captures your once-in-a-lifetime moments and emotions providing you with opportunity to travel back in time to relive those moments. The intimate and exquisite details of your well-planned wedding will forever be remembered and captured to share with your loved ones.

Every couple, every wedding, every location is unique and Tariq AK photography will ensure quality images. Packages ranging from the bare minimum to a full-day wedding shoot, covering laughter’s from getting ready, dad’s teary eye during the ceremony and your first meet as husband and wife at the reception, are available.



Contact Details:

Phone: +92 321 2600085
Facebook Page: Tariq AK Photography 





Note: All images have been taken from Tariq AK’s Facebook Page.

Wedding Shopping for Necessities? :)

The shopping extravaganza is not going so bad, considering that i only spend half a day every Saturday to do all pending errands. My mother has managed to convince me to buy bed sheets, pillow cases, duvets, cutlery, dinner sets, crockery and suitcases. All of these are lying on one end of my room in cartons.

To be honest, i don’t think i will be using the crockery or the cutlery once i start living my in-laws. They already have these things and there is this space issue, so i can just see myself stuffing some of these items in an Almira or a carton. With time, as and when i get acquainted to the new home and the lifestyle and preferences of my in-laws, i will figure out what to do with these things.

The furniture has been ordered. It is nothing LOUD. Everything is simple and minimalistic reflecting the preferences of my better half and myself.  I really wanted to buy some pretty and arty lamps for the bed site tables, but it seems that we don’t have space for any. Oh well! What can you do about these things. Live with them and move on. :)

My female cousins came over this weekend too. I think they expected that a lot of my clothes would have started to come in from the various shops, karigars and markets. Boy, were they wrong. I am still chasing after most of these people. A few clothes did come in and I graciously showed those to them. They loved what they saw and I love them for their love and support. Dillon key haal koi naheen janta (Nobody knows what is concealed in a heart) but what we can do is to keep our own hearts big and clear. That is what i keep learning from my mom everyday. Maintaining cordial and friendly relations with family and being ever forgiving as our religion recommends and our Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) guides us.

I was missing my sister a lot this weekend. She is married. It’s been just a year actually. But she just landed right at the door and surprised us all. She then put some music on and wow, she really set the mood. Next thing i know, my female cousins were preparing dances. I felt a bit shy though, which is a bit silly- not that anyone noticed.

So oh well, a month and a half to go. I don’t know if everything will be ready in time. I don’t know, if my bridal dress would blow me away (not literally). I still have tons to do,  but Cest la Vie.

Even if nothing goes my way, i hope, i so hope, that i will maintain my disposition, that i will shrug it off, that i will smile and wave. ;)

Have a good day everyone. :)


Where did i buy the crockery, cutlery, dinner set, duvet covers, suit cases  and electronic items  from?


Where did i buy the bed sheets from?

GLASS TOWER, off Clifton Bridge in Karachi.

Where did i order my furniture from?

A local carpenter i know is making a custom design for me. If you need his number, holler. I recommend him a hundred percent.

Losing Perspective


It is so easy to lose perspective while preparing for a wedding. All that talk about simplicity and keeping it “real” starts silently slipping away and you begin to wish for the moon.
It is so easy to caught up in the drama, to follow latest trends, having the perfect mehendi thaal, the impeccably rehearsed and executed dances, the unique entrance of the bride and groom, and well, the list goes on. What’s worse is that you don’t even realize it’s happening.
This afternoon i got consumed with such thoughts and what made it worse was “comparison”. Why can’t my mehendi be like that? Why can’t my events be arranged like that? Why can’t i have this elaborate and really pretty mehendi thaal? Can you believe it? How petty? Me, feeling glum over a mehendi thaal?
And then it dawned on me.
Are you the same person who did not even want a mehendi in the first place? And since you were only having a mehendi to honour your mom’s wishes, didn’t you want to keep things simple? What the guava are you going to do with a unique mehendi thaal? Are you for real comparing yourself with others? Really?
I could have slapped myself. How easy it was to get drunk in the glamour that surrounds weddings and how this glamour is time and again projected on sites of wedding photographers and event planners. 
How could i get sucked in the whirlpool of materials and the fashionably executed events? 
No. I will not let this happen. I will not lose perspective. Shame on me. 
* Exhale* 


Wedding Photography in Karachi: “Lollipop and Laddu”


What do they say about themselves:

“ If you have a story, moment, business to capture then you have landed at the right place. We provide videography and photography services, using the latest in High Definition. Please note that Vimeo is our flagship portal for sharing videos, due to it’s supreme quality in streaming High Definition.”

How to Contact them:

Phone: +92 346 8551111


Facebook Page: Lollipop and Laddu


Pictures taken from their website/ facebook page