About embroidery markets in Karachi

One of the headaches of a Pakistani wedding is that you need to prepare a trousseau for the bride. Amongst other things which comprise the trousseau are tons of embroidered formal and semi formal clothes.

I not only have to make such clothes from my side of the family but also have been given the added responsibility of preparing such clothes from the groom’s side of the family too. Granted that at the end of it all, I will be wearing these clothes BUT the added responsibility adds to my stress. And how can I possibly wear so many dresses anyway in a year? And what happens when fashion changes? Perhaps, I can wear such clothes when my brothers get married but still…. So many clothes? Gosh. What if I die tomorrow? What will be the purpose of these clothes then? I need to write a will. I want all these clothes to be given to an underprivileged family getting their daughter married.

Enough of my venting, if you want to get dresses embroidered by local karigars and wan’t to save money then you need to go to any one of the below mentioned markets in Karachi:

1. Ghousia market in Gizri: This hidden market is in a building next to a government school on the main road. You follow a narrow lane which opens up to reveal many embroidery shops and karigars.

2. Embroidery shops in Gulf Shopping Mall and Cliff Shopping mall near three swords in Clifton: you enter any of these malls and go towards the very end of the floor and you will find shop after shop of embroidery shops.

3. Kehkashan embroidery market : Right opposite on the other side of the main road from Gulf Shopping Mall is Kehkashan embroidery market on the ground floor of a residential apartment building.

4. Kurtaba embroidery market in Bahadarabad: again lots and lots of shops and lots and lots of variety. You can all find karigars specialising in gota embroidery work here.

5. Paposh embroidery market in North Nazimabad: the last time I went there, I was maybe 6. I don’t even recall why we went there but what i remember there were lines of embroidery markets there.

6. Rabi centre in Tariq Road: there are lots of embroidery shops here and you can also purchase the cloth of your choice from the same venue as well.

7. K.D.A Market in Gulshan-e-Iqbal , Block-3: I have never visited this place but reports on the embroidery done there are good.

8. Capital Market and Mehboob Market in Saddar: I wish i knew more things about this market, but i don’t. My sister tells me that the embroidery shops there are pretty decent actually.

These are the ones I know of. I will update the list of above mentioned places as soon as I get to know of other places that offer such embroidery services.

At the end of it all, I wish life was simple. :)

When I wear these clothes, put some make up on and wear some nice heels, I’ll feel different especially when my hubby appreciates it.

But for now, arrrrghhh. :)


Marriage and not a wedding

So, it has been a long time since I blogged, but the reason behind it is that I am probably calmer than before. I came to the point where I had been fretting about the quantum of things to be done and then the bubble burst and I realized, hey, it’s the union of two souls which is important. So, as far as I am concerned, things will work out exactly the way they have to and fretting will yield no results.

I also attended a valima ceremony recently in a lawn tucked away somewhere on Tipu Sultan Road in Karachi. Nothing over the top or indicating usage of a lot of money. No centerpieces or the exact type of exotic flower on each table, but you know what, it turned out pretty good. Everything was peaceful and simple. Puts things in perspective.

So yes, I need to concentrate on the marriage of two souls and not the wedding. That will happen the way it has to. But what is more important is me smiling and looking at my husband and feeling peaceful, not because of my dress, or the stage décor or the food or the theme, but because we love each other and feel blessed to have found each other. <3

May Allah bless us. Ameen.

 Marriage and not a wedding