Pantene Bridal Couture Week-Dec 2013: Zainab Chottani






My requirement for wedding shoes was quite simple. I wanted:

  • some thing elegant.
  • something i could wear again.
  • comfortable
  • definitely should not blow my wallet. I’d rather give that amount in charity; and
  • something that every bride on planet earth is NOT wearing.

I went to one outlet , chose the shoe i wanted and i was out. Must have taken twenty mins or less.

So who did i go to? The ah-mazing Samia and Azmay Shahzada. I love my shoes. Seriously.

Although, i don’t have my own wedding picture to share ( i was camera shy that day :( ) , but i picked some nice shots of the heels from their website.


Lurve at first sight. Thank you Samia & Azmay.



Pantene Bridal Couture Week-Dec 2013: Nida Azwer




To get in touch with Nida Azwer, try any of the following mediums of contact:


Phone:+92215881968, +92215381519 and +923018225159

The label is currently available at the Nida Azwer studio in Karachi at 13-C, Sunset Lane 5, Phase 2 extension, DHA, at Ensemble in both Lahore and Karachi and at Labels in Faisalabad. Internationally, the brand is available in Dubai at Soiree and in London at Zainab Alam’s boutique.

You can also purchase her ensembles on the labels e-store.

Her website is under construction but is expected to launch soon.

Pantene Bridal Couture Week-Dec 2013: Ayesha Somaya

Ayesha Somaya showcased some of their elegant ensembles at the Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013. Here are some of their dresses in all their glory. If you would like to get in touch with Ayesha Somaya here are the details:


Phone: (+92) (0) 300-2000-981

Address: Design Studio:13-c,sunset commercial street 1,Phase IV, DHA, Karachi


Timings: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm

They also stock at the following locations:

Ayesha-Somaya Design Studio & Flagship Store – 13-C, 1st Sunset Commercial Street, Phase 4, DHA, Karachi. 

Brands Just Pret – Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi.

Brands Just Pret – Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, Karachi. 

Fashion Pakistan Lounge – Lahore.


Labels – Faisalabad.

Pashu – Multan.


Concepteurs Lounge – Peshawar.


Brands Just Pret – World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Brands Just Pret, Egypt Court, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Bia Galleria – Al Waha Garden Village Compound, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Shabi’s – Toronto

Elan by Salima – Global Mall, Norcross, Georgia – Atlanta, United State America.

Official Website: Ayesha Somaya








Pantene Bridal Couture Week-Dec 2013: Arsalan Iqbal

Arsalan Iqbal who has already made a big name in Mens Wear showcased his bridal collection at the Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013. Here are some pictures that you can feast  your eyes on, from the event.

If you want to get in touch with Arsalan, here are the details:

Arsalan Iqbal – Flagship Store
Shop 1, Building 3-C, Zamzama 4th Comm. Lane,
DHA Phase V,
Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: 021-35830565
Cell: 0333-3017711

Arsalan Iqbal – Pret Store
Shop # 7, Plot 179E,
Shahzada Mall (Besides Edenrobe and Diners store).
Kurta Gali – near Liberty Signal,
Main Tariq Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: 021-34525532

Email: info@arsalaniqbal.

Official Website: House of Arsalan Iqbal




Pantene Bridal Couture Week- December 2013: Ammar Shahid

Ammar Shahid presented his bridal collection on Day one(1) of the Pantene Bridal Couture Week. Here are some selected ensembles for your viewing. If you would like to get in touch with him, here are his contact details:

Official Website: Ammar Shahid
Phone: +92 321 4408 361
You can also order through the Labels e-store. 


An Ode to Happiness by Farah Talib Aziz

Helloooo, so i am back after a long vacation spent basking in a few countries. I hope you missed me. Naah, i am kidding. I hope all of you had lots of fun things to do and that life has been super. If not, i hope you manage to surpass all obstacles with a resolute smile. And if you are still in the dumps, trust me, better days will come. One day at a time, ok? I’ve been there.
That said, OH My God, how beautiful these wedding dresses are from Farah Talib Aziz- Design House based in Karachi? If i had the money, i would have gotten my wedding dress designed by her. And don’t take this lightly.
Here are some pictures from her latest 2013 collection, “An Ode to Happiness” shot  by the famed Ali Khurshid of Lighthouse Photpography. The beautiful lady complimenting these amazing dresses is Sana Ansari and the makeup is by the talented Natasha Salon.
If you like any of these dresses or would like to get in touch with Farah, here are the details:
Contact: (92) (0)333 2344 658
Follow her on:
Twitter- Farah Talib Aziz, 
Instagram- Ftadesignhouse
Pinterest- Farah Talib Aziz
Note: Let me also state that i claim no rights to these pictures and that all copyrights, trademarks, rights etc. belong to Farah Talib Aziz-Design House.


Kindness to Wives- An advice by my Mom to Grooms to Be.

Kindness to Wives

“Allah has given a man superiority over a woman to protect her, to be gentle to her and to be her companion and her mentor. This superiority has not been given to mistreat a woman and demand her submission even when the man is wrong or where even if the man is not wrong, the woman has a different point of view. The superiority does not mean that only the woman’s imperfections appear as neon signs to a man. Just as the punctuation in the Arabic language, the zer, zabar, pesh have been given different levels i.e. one is above, one is below etc. and each have been used to give an alphabet and a Quranic word a whole meaning, similarly, a woman’s imperfections should be seen alongwith the good things about her, which appear lesser in value to a man because of the things he chooses to see and things he does not. Similarly a woman should also not make the man’s perfections as the highlights to her journey. These imperfections and perfections make a human beautiful. Each individual should remember that the other person is a human being created with as much love as was undertaken to create another human.”- Mom. <3